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Why Weight Online

Weight problems are common in the UK and have become an increasing focus for the media. Often the realities of managing weight problems for the individual are overlooked and the issues are simplified to short term solutions that can be impossible to maintain. This can leave those struggling with their weight experiencing yet further frustrations and upset.

At Why Weight we are interested in your individual weight problem and in finding ways that you can improve your health and wellbeing. We believe that the factors contributing to weight problems are complex and multifaceted. We are part of a wider team of experts with a range of medical, dietetic and psychological skills. We can offer you opportunities to understand the nature of your personal weight problem and consider ways to tackle the obstacles to reaching your goals.

The impact of psychological factors on making dietary and lifestyle changes often goes unnoticed. In fact, we have found that recognising the value of food in our lives is centrally important. Food can feel almost like the enemy at times when dealing with weight issues, but there are likely to be other ways in which food has been an important friend and ally. Understanding the multiple roles food serves in our social, personal and emotional lives forms an important part of achieving sustainable changes. Often this means developing a more compassionate view of weight problems from which to recognise the traps and patterns, and build the skills to make the right changes.

Our psychological therapists and dieticians have a special interest in weight and eating disorders and have gained experience across a number of specialist services in the UK. Drawing on this experience and training across models of therapy, our therapists will develop an individualised approach to suit your needs. They have the knowledge and understanding to create a safe and comfortable environment and can help you improve and support your your difficulties with your weight and health.

As a team we have experience of working with a range of challenges from those related to eating and weight, to relationships and mental health . We recognise the importance of good supervision and maintaining a close relationship with our Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr Samantha Scholtz from Obesity Doctor UK. Through these mechanisms we ensure we can best respond to all of your needs and help you manage any difficulties that could be impacting on your wellbeing and weight management.