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Endocrinologists are doctors who know about hormones. Hormones are the natural chemicals produced by many of the body’s organs including the pancreas, thyroid, pituitary, adrenal glands and gut. The medical specialty of endocrinology investigates and treats disorders and imbalances of this endocrine system.

Hormones act as messengers from these glands to other parts of the body and they control many body functions including our energy levels, food intake, energy expenditure, blood pressure and sexual function.

Type 2 diabetes is a very common endocrine disorder which is associated with obesity and treating it is a major part of our work at Endocrinology Online Ltd  – but obesity itself is often at least partly caused by hormonal problems.  In fact there are hormonal, genetic, environmental and psychological causes of obesity.

Obesity may also contribute to other health problems, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis, breathing problems, depression and even cancer. Many people with serious weight problems have a poor quality of life because they cannot perform ordinary activities. In addition, society can be very judgemental of the obese and blame them for not trying hard enough to lose weight, without realising the very strong and natural resistance from our own bodies to weight loss.

When looking at obesity in terms of hormones, it turns out that many obese people consume more calories than people of normal weight because they really do feel less full after a meal. It has now been shown that this is due to the lower levels of fullness hormones produced by the gut in those who are obese compared to people of normal weight.

The Endocrinology Online Ltd team of Professor Le Roux and Dr Miras are internationally recognised research scientists in this field and, based on the evidence of their own and others research, use the latest and safest medications to treat both diabetes – and obesity itself. One of the  medications we can prescribe is a daily or weekly injection form of a fullness hormone (GLP-1) that reduces appetite, weight and blood glucose. It makes weight loss and diabetes control much easier than trying just with will power. In fact, with the Endocrinology Online Ltd team’s involvement, weight loss is easy; however, it is weight loss maintenance which is very hard.

This is why at Endocrinology Online Ltd, the aim is to be part of a holistic treatment to not just reduce weight and blood glucose, but to treat the health problems associated with obesity and diabetes and enable our patients to lead healthier lives of better quality. The  treatment plans  that we are willing to put our names and expertise to have to include not short term, but long term lifestyle changes for our patients in terms of nutrition, exercise and their psychological relationship with food. The plans are put together by Dr Scholtz, the psychiatrist whom we work with, and have to be adapted to each individual and supported by an understanding team of dieticians, nutritionists and psychologists.

The Endocrinology Online Ltd team run a very active research programme in both obesity and diabetes and we encourage our patients to be involved in our research and to engage with any new promising treatment options and learn more about the way their bodies work through our state-of-the-art research techniques.

If you would like to receive treatment from the Endocrinology Online Ltd team you will need to have an assessment by Dr Samantha Scholtz to get her treatment plan. You can access this from the website, where you will also find plenty more information about the work that we do, the other specialists we work with – and about obesity.