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Tell me more about the Psychiatrists?

At Psychiatry-UK you will have a full range of specialist consultant psychiatrists, all experts in their fields and with their own areas of special interest.

Unlike many other areas of medicine, psychiatrists do not need to physically examine a patient as talking, listening and vision, rather than touch, are required. As a result being able to speak to a psychiatrist through video conferencing is ideal – you not only get to see a psychiatrist faster but also the most appropriate specialist for you, although they may be many hundreds of miles away.

In the NHS patients only get to see a psychiatrist when other treatments have failed. At Psychiatry-UK we believe that patients should see the consultant first and have the most effective treatment prescribed from the beginning. Psychiatrists are medically trained and can therefore prescribe medication so we provide an online prescription service as well as providing access to a full range of accredited and supervised tele-therapy services through the same secure online portal. This cuts down on time wasted whilst patients needlessly suffer through not having rapid access to the most appropriate treatment.

As doctors they all take their responsibilities with regard to confidentiality particularly seriously. You can talk to our psychiatrists about anything and remain absolutely secure in the knowledge that, as long as you’re not intending to harm yourself or others it will remain confidential.

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